Aware Youth

Our Team – Pastor Matt Hill

 Korin VanValin, Audra Grice

Aware Youth is for ages 6th -12th grade.

Wednesdays 7:00pm (Sanctuary)

AWARE meets on a weekly basis. Students are made AWARE of spiritual truths in the Bible seen and unseen. Games, relationships, and Bible study are all centered around being AWARE of who we are in Christ. *A meal is provided for the children and youth programs each week.

STL (Speed the Light)

STL is an Assemblies of God program created specifically for youth to learn about giving to missions. Each AWARE member has been challenged to pledge an amount they would like to devote to give towards missions. Speed the Light provides funds for transportation and communication needs for missionaries around the globe.

Michigan District Camps

Each summer we encourage our youth to attend camp. Its a five-day summer camp filled with a variety of activities, relationship building, and most importantly learning about Jesus throughout the whole week. For more information, visit our district Assemblies of God website.

See our Calendar for addition AWARE events and activities.

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